Minky blankets

Minky blankets, the material from which one side of the blanket is made, is a fabric that is very pleasant to the touch for children. High-quality material allows the delicate skin of babies to breathe and protects them against heat loss during an afternoon nap or at night during sleep. They are non-irritating and neutral for all skin types. The large selection of colorful designs of the Lilly Collection minky blankets can fascinate babies and children and make them not only willing to cover them, but also to cuddle them.

Each minky blanket from the Lilly Collection is handcrafted with high quality materials and with care.

I also invite you to visit the website of our shop with a collection of minky pillows, where you can choose a pillow for your comlet. A soft blanket and a minky pillow will create a set that is pleasant to the touch, in which your baby will feel good.

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